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An email based coaching program designed to get you unstuck and moving forward in your career. 

3 Steps to Get You Unstuck:

Life design coaching

1. Overcome Anxious Mental Obstacles

We will identify the mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck.

career management for creative women

2. Find Your Purpose

We will reflect on what you want and what you don't to create a life design that you are excited about.

personal growth for career women

3. Live Your Purpose

We'll look at your day to day schedule and work in changes you can start making towards your purpose.  I will assign you action steps and provide you with accountability and support.

Why email coaching?

  • Get the coaching you need quickly and easily
  • No need to drive to an office
  • No committing to a specific time
  • Get feedback asap
  • No scheduling appointments

Five extensive emails full of insights, intuition, advice and action steps specifically designed for you.  We will work together to identify mental blocks, discover your purpose and start living a happier more fulfilled life.  You will also receive accountability and support emails throughout the process of working together.  I am here to help you and want to support you with your goals in any way I can.  My priority is to help you achieve your goals. 

Sign up for the 'Get Unstuck' Coaching Program designed specifically for women dealing with anxiety for the introductory price of $50.  There will be limited spots available at this price.

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Hello, my name is Brianne Lewis

I am a certified life coach and a certified public accountant. I have worked in finance and business for six years assisting large and small businesses, mentoring and providing financial know how. I have always been a teacher and helper at heart and I am excited to be your coach and help you on your journey. I want to motivate women to design an intentional life that works for them. I want women to know that it doesn't have to be a dream but that it can be a reality. Women have the added obstacle of balancing having children with building a career. I want to help women to design a life that works for them and their family. I am so passionate about helping women achieve their dreams. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I am excited to hear from you. If you want to know more about me and my life check out my Instagram account. Search for: brieslifecoaching


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