The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Do you ever notice how your brain never stops chattering? If you haven’t, take a listen. It’s constantly trying to figure this and that out, interpret what is happening, make decisions, make plans, and on and on. It simply never ends. Have you ever tried to quiet these thoughts? Likely without much success. The brain is a powerful tool but it is so powerful that it is incredibly difficult to control.

I like to think of the brain as a little puppy. It is crazy, sporadic, has tons of energy and never seems to settle down. A puppy left untamed and untrained will do whatever it likes in a crazy sporadic way without any direction. This is similar to how the untrained brain works. When we pay little attention to our brain it is off in crazy town just aimlessly churning information. Without training and guidance from our heart (or true self, inner self, essential self – all the same thing) the puppy is lost. The scariest part about this when talking about your own brain is that your thoughts (the ones being left unattended) impact EVERYTHING in your world. And not just your world, but every person you may encounter every single day. For example, you’re on your way to work and someone honks at you while driving. You get angry and say what a jerk off! Now your stress levels increase. Your muscles tense a little. You are now carrying the thoughts of this other car with you in your head. You’re thinking negative thoughts about this person. You are assuming they are some kind of jerk or idiot. You move on with your day with a spell of negative energy around you. BUT if we were to dig in deeper: How do you know for certain that car was honking at you? The fact is: you don’t! For all you know they were honking at someone else, accidentally hit the horn, or their dog jumped on their lap and hit it. But you are assuming it is at you. You are assuming this person is a jerk or idiot. You are making assumptions in your brain, dwelling on this negative experience and now your energy is more negative than before. You walk into your office and you are not the same chipper person you were before the honking incident. 

These situations happen thousands of times every single day. Think about the impact that your assumptions are having on your physical body, your life and the other people in your life. What if we could become aware of our assumptions (the lies our brain makes up) and start to change them. How could that affect our energy and our lives? When we are stressed about something we tend to exercise less, eat unhealthy foods, and when our stress hormones are up its one of the main reasons our body cannot function properly. We literally create disease within ourselves from thoughts that aren’t even true. And this is a power that you can harness. This is something that is in your control to change.

So, how do we change? How do we change these thoughts that are happening constantly thoughout the day? I will tell you that it is not easy and it is something that takes daily practice. The same that you workout everyday, eat healthy everyday and drink water every day. You have to get into the habit of working on your mind. The first step is simply awareness. Be aware of your thinking. And always ask yourself, am I assuming this thought or do I know it to be truth? And let’s think about truth for a second. How do you know if something is true or not? The simple answer is what you personally experience first hand is truth. For example, if someone scowls at you while you’re walking by, you might assume that person is angry with you, doesn’t like you, etc. You analyze it in your brain and try to figure out what you did wrong. You might get defensive and think in your head that person is crazy or has problems. But if we examine the situation closer, you are assuming that person is thinking anything negative about you. You are assuming that scowl was even about you. Maybe they were thinking about someone they are angry with, maybe they had a bug in their eye, face spasm, maybe they are an angry person. The fact of the matter is you have no idea. All you know is that person made an angry face. To make assumptions about that is only hurting yourself. Become aware of your thinking and ask yourself – is that thought true or false? Reality or an assumption? Once you begin to make these distinctions, your thoughts will naturally change on their own. And you will be on your way to more positive energy and happiness in your life.

Wishing you positive thoughts!
With love,

What are you living for?


                 So many people believe what society tells them without question. For instance, Nobody loves their job. Nobody makes money following their passion. In college, major in something you can find a job easily. Major in something so you will make lots of money. Money, money, money. I get that yes you need money to live but why in the world are we making decisions for our lives based on what will bring us the most money. Like it’s some kind of arbitrary goal and society teaches us that people with lots of money mysteriously live these amazing lives and people without lots of money don’t. But facts actually tell us the opposite. Sure, there are some rich people that are happier than poor people but there are tons of poor people happier than rich people. (Just look at all the drug over roses from famous actors and musicians).  So it seems that even though the facts tell us that money doesn’t bring happiness we are still making life decisions based on how much money we will make. After you are gone – what do you want people to say about you? How do you want to be remembered? That you made a lot of money and bought a lot of things? I acknowledge that you need money to live off of, but it seems like we are placing too much weight on how much money we will make, or the benefits, or the stability of the job and little to zero weight on what will make us happy and what speaks to our soul. 

                I would wager that most of us don’t really know what will make us deeply happy. So when we wake up one day and we’re stuck in a job that doesn’t naturally motivate us, we don’t know what else to do. We feel stuck because we aren’t sure where to go from here. Many of us feel a great conflict inside where we are torn between what we love and what we think we should be doing. But who is should-ing us all the time? Usually it is someone that we hold close to us. Mom, dad, professor, uncle etc. They are the ones who’s voice we have brought into our own heads to argue with ourselves. What would happen if we connected with our true self and listened to that voice? If you have a hard time making decisions, feel conflicted, and are stuck in a life that doesn’t awaken your soul then I can tell you that you have definitely lost your connection to your true self. Until you get this connection back and strengthened there is no where else for you to go. Your true self is the one with all the navigational equipment that knows where you are supposed to go. If you have lost the connection to your compass its no wonder you don’t know which direction to walk.

                Reconnecting with your true self takes time and daily effort. But it will awaken your life, heart, and soul in a way that you haven’t experienced since you were a child. You must spend a lot of time with yourself doing the things that brighten your heart. If you don’t know of any activities that do that for you, its time to try some new things. A lot of new things. Until you find that thing that wakes you up inside. You must learn to pay attention to your inner voice and learn to turn off the yap yap yap of the brain in order to hear the true self that is whispering to your heart. Follow that gut feeling – that’s your true self. You must learn to make that voice stronger so it is easier to hear. And bring soul awakening things into your home, your work and your free time. Every single day your soul should light up. 

                Money isn’t the way to find true happiness and to fulfill your life’s purpose. Following what awakens your soul is the way to find true happiness and to fulfill your life purpose. If you aren’t listening to your true inner self, how will you know what your life purpose is? How will you know what makes you happy? Getting this connection back and playing, laughing, breathing, being present, honoring yourself, loving yourself and taking care of your body. This is what brings you to true awakening and the ultimate joy that is possible for your life.