My Weekly Budget Check In – How I Did (and Didn’t) Stick to My Mindful Spending This Week

I did pretty good this week….here’s the summary:



5 ways I stuck to my mindful spending this week


-Didn’t buy paper plates out of convenience for my solar eclipse camping trip


-Bought cat food (My Personal Value: comfort. Reason: my pets bring me comfort)


-Bought gas to go see the eclipse (My Personal Value: exploration/adventure)


-Went to the dump (My Personal Value:comfort. Reason: I need organization to be comfortable)


-Bought a scone (My Personal Value: natural health. Reason: I needed the calories after hiking and it’s local and it was delicious)




4 ways I did NOT stick to mindful spending this week



-Bought way too much junk food: chips, dip, ice cream etc. Natural health is one of my values and this definitely went against it.


-Spent money on going to the aquatic center in Oregon. It was alright but did not align with one of my values.


-Bagel from the bagelry. Did not align with one of my values.


-Melvin brewing. I don’t love this bar and I didn’t have a great experience. In the future, I will pass on spending money here.



I did pretty good this week. My purchases that did not align with my values were pretty minor. Yay! It’s hard work but I like ending the week with more money in the bank instead of spending it on things I don’t absolutely love.


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