6 Steps to Designing Your Life Plan and Accomplishing Your Goals

It never ceases to amaze me that life planning is not a thing. We have all of these life planners and life binders to organize our existing lives but there’s nothing for designing and organizing our future lives. What the F? Do we not need to design a future for ourselves? How can we know where we are headed if we haven’t decided?

Here’s how to start creating your future life plan:

1. Start dreaming for your life plan

The only way to have the energy and motivation necessary to transition your life is to get so excited about where you’re headed that nothing can stop you. Not money, not sleep not even This Is Us. Grab a piece of paper and start writing down all the things you’ve ever wanted to do. Write down all the things that you love doing. Write down what you want the world to remember you for. Don’t stop writing until you are really starting to feel excitement in your bones.

2. Visualize the life plan

Draw a picture, create a vision board and just live with your dream for a week or two. Keep coming back to that excited feeling and let the excitement build. Try not to judge yourself and do not think about any obstacles yet. Just focus on the dream and believing it will come true.

3. Brainstorm obstacles to your plan

Make a list of all the obstacles you see getting in your way. Really rack your brain and write down every detail you are worried about. Then go through each obstacle one by one and start brainstorming as many ways as you can think of to overcome that obstacle.

4. Finances

Normally my clients will include some type of financial constraint in their obstacles list. The financial concerns tend to be the biggest worry of all the obstacles. Some of the ways that I have seen people overcome their financial obstacles are:

-sell their car and get a cheaper car or ride their bike

-sell unused household items

-start an online passive income business

-move to a smaller house

-move to a house in a close neighboring city

-simplify their spending

-creating a value based budget

-cut back on eating out

-cancelling cable tv

-getting a prepaid cellphone

-asking for a raise

-restructuring existing assets and debts to support the clients dreams

-sell their home

-refinancing student loans

-refinancing mortgage

There is an endless list for overcoming financial obstacles. No matter what your financial situation is there is always something you can do.

5. Action steps to support the life plan

Write out a timeline for goals and add dates! Hold yourself accountable to these dates. Don’t put your dreams on the back burner. You must make time to work on your goals and make them a priority. If you need help getting motivated, figuring out your dream or reconfiguring your financial situation, seek out a certified life planner better to find someone with a background in Finance who can help you with the process from start to finish.

6. Stay motivated and get moving on your goals

If you get swamped in the details or overwhelmed by the magnitude of your dream, you can always return to your vision. Add to your vision board or draw a picture for yourself. Forget about all of the obstacles and go back to living with the vision of your dream.

Life is way too short to be spent in an office 40 hours a week. Find your balance between work a life. Design a lifestyle that works for you. There is no law that says you just spent 40 hours per week at a desk. Find a balance that works for you and get after it. The time to follow your dreams is today. Get it gurrrl!

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