7 Step Evaluation to Help Design a Career You Love

Before you can design a new career, we have to understand what you want and what you don’t.

I looked at my current career against the 7 most important aspects to see where I was happy and where I wasn’t…

1. Location

In my case the location is great, I live about 5 minutes from my work.

My dream: I would primarily work from my home and then have a small office within ten minutes of my home where I can meet clients for coaching.

2. Your work

I love working with numbers so from that aspect I like accounting. The problem is though I am not directly helping people which is one of my main life goals. The other problem with my work is that it’s repetitive so I am starting to get bored. Like REALLY bored…

My dream: To coach individuals on personal finance and career development. I would get to help people directly and would always be working with different people to keep it interesting.

3. Your coworkers

This one I am super happy with. I feel like I have the best coworkers in the world.

My dream: to always work with such wonderful people.

4. Room for advancement

I do have some room for advancement in my current job to be the head of the accounting department. But it’s a big tell that I am not interested in applying for this advanced position. I know that I will be ready to move on to some new challenges somewhere instead of moving up in the company.

My dream: to run my own coaching business.

5. Flexibility

This one is not great for me. I can work from home once in a while. But flexibility is something I value VERY highly so I would really need to be able to come and go as I please to be fully satisfied here.

My dream: to set my own schedule and appointments. To be my own boss.

6. Benefits

My benefits are great! Good health insurance, retirement and vacation. Can’t complain here.

My dream: to always have enough benefits for my needs.

7. Work environment

I work in a very low stress and relaxed office. We have a lot of potlucks and a lot of fun.

My dream: to have a home office that I primarily work out of.

My big problem is that I have really high ratings in the areas that I value less. And low ratings in the areas I value more. My job looks good on paper but when you compare it to the things that are most important to me it doesn’t look so good.

How does your job rate? Which quality of your career do you value the most?

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