When Did You Forget How To Play? Get Connected With Your Inner Child

“Play is the highest form of research” -Albert Einstein


Serious, serious, serious everywhere I look.  Angry, grumpiness, stress, fear, frustration, anxiety, complaining, criticizing and whining.  I am surrounded by it.  Unless I am with a child.  Children still know how to play and enjoy life.  Adults somehow have forgotten.


When did you switch from your play brain to your worry, whiny, comparing, fearful, anxious brain?


Have you stopped being delighted by the world as it is because you’re so focused on making it what you want it to be?


Do you feel tension running through your veins?  Tension running through your muscles?


At some point, we all stopped playing.  So long ago you probably can’t remember.

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How to Control Your Spending Habits By Establishing Your True Identity

“I’m broke” he stated matter-of-factly with his head tilted towards the ground.  He would frequently tell me this.  “I am depressed” he stated.


“Yes, I can see that” I responded.


You know how sometimes other people can see you better than you can see yourself?


My client is struggling with a never ending battle with himself.  He is lost, scattered, overwhelmed, confused and emotional.  He feels like a failure but is not sure why.


He can’t see what I see in him.


It is so simple that he can’t even see it.

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5 Reasons Why Choosing a Major Before Choosing a College Will Save You Thousands

Hey you’re 18, not even a quarter of the way through your life but yeah go ahead and pick what you want to do for the next say 20-30 years.

Oh yeah and you’ll have to spend around $60,000-$100,000+ so don’t pick wrong.

And your parents will probably go into debt trying to help you pay so really don’t pick wrong.  You wouldn’t want to ruin their lives….

Uhhhhh wait huh?!?!

I think it’s crazy to expect 18 year olds to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives.  If you are lucky you might pick something you enjoy.  But often students end up spending a lot of money on a profession they aren’t passionate about.  How can you be expected to choose something that you know nothing about? 

Do you know the day to day work life of an accountant, or a teacher, or engineer etc?  No you most likely don’t unless one of your parents happens to do one of those professions.

Students are left to choose blindly and then spend thousands and go into huge amounts of debt for their chosen major.  It’s a crazy system.

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How to Have More Energy by Having More Fun

You played all day when you were a child.  You played from dusk until dawn and when you weren’t playing you were sleeping.  This is our natural state as humans: playing and sleeping.  There is no working in our natural state.  That is something our minds tell us that we are supposed to do.  We buy into this theory.  We believe that with more hard work we will earn more money and be happier.  For most of us it doesn’t work out that way.  More money means a more stressful job with more time at the office, more credit card debt, more bills etc.  How do we break this cycle? 

How do we stop working and start playing? 

First, we have to let go of the social stigma of what it means to be an adult. 

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Create a Spending Plan With A Purpose

Spending plan, money, Purposeful spending

Are you having trouble trying to cut back on your spending each month? 

Seems like I always am…

Have you ever tried a spending plan with a purpose? 

Having a spending plan with a purpose is different because you really have to think about what you want before you buy it. And consider your life purpose and values, No more willy-nilly purchasing.

The Goal: To only make purchases that align with your life purpose, values and goals 

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What is a Life Coach and Should I Have One?

Life coaching

What is a life coach?


I get asked a lot what a life coach is and how we help our clients. The simplest way to think about it is similar to a personal trainer. Everyone knows it takes diet and exercise to lose weight but you hire a personal trainer for guidance, support and accountability. A life coach provides guidance, support and accountability for your life.
I primarily work with millennial women who want to improve their happiness in their career, business or relationships. These are the three areas where women tend to have the most unsatisfaction.

How a life coach empowers clients to have a rewarding life:

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How to Budget Mindfully and Why it Will Change Your Life 

Budgeting with a purpose
Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment.

 It is about being calm centered and connected to your true self. 

Mindfulness is a way of life, and in my opinion, the happiest way to live your life.

Creating a budget is hard work.

Staying on the budget is even harder…

I like things in my life to be simple, automated and efficient. 

Especially the things that I don’t enjoy dealing with such as money. I hate budgets where each month you have to track 10 different categories of expenses. How much have I spent on gas? How much have I spent on groceries? How much have I spent on clothes? This is too complicated for my simple mind. 

I created a simple budget system that I use every month but does not require me to think every month.

Yay no thinking!!

Here are the steps to follow to create your no thinking budget:

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How to Live a Life You Won’t Regret

career coaching

What do you want to remember from your life when your hair is grey and you have more days behind you than in front of you?  What memories will you think about and smile?  What do you want others to remember you for?  What things do you want to remember trying and doing?  What stories do you want to be able to tell when your younger days are behind you?

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